A picture of a Croatian landscape showing mountains, serpentine roads, and the sea.
Croatia (2016)


my name is Frederik Banning. I live together with my beloved partner and my trusty dog in Bochum, a medium-sized city in the Ruhr area of Germany.

Professionally I'm an economist employed at Ruhr-University Bochum as a research associate and PhD candidate. More information about my past and current work in research and education can be found in the Academia section.

In my free time I work in a voluntary capacity for the German Red Cross and also contribute to the Mikroökonomen podcast (in German) as a co-host.

A mildly interesting remark: You're very likely to encounter posts in both German and English when clicking through this website. I wasn't raised bilingually, but my thoughts have started to somewhat freely switch back and forth between those two languages over the past decades. I suppose it can be attributed in equal parts to spending significant amounts of time on the internet and, of course, to my academic occupation. And while English words are pretty usual in German, especially when it comes to anything related to modern technology, I sometimes also mix German words into my English posts. Don't let that bug you all too much: If you don't know the other language, try to make sense of the words in their context (or, you know, just use a dictionary).

Oh, and if you'd like to get in touch, feel free to meet me over on Mastodon.